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Why Get A Trademark Search?

Obtaining a comprehensive trademark is just as crucial as trademarking your brand. A trademark search ensures that your trademark is not already registered. If another company has a similar name, logo, or slogan to yours, we will notify you so that you may make the necessary changes to make your intellectual property distinct.

Thorough Search

U.S.A and other territories will be searched for similar trademarks

Multi-Platform Search

Corporate directories and Internet searches are also done by us

Ensures a Unique Trademark

We will make sure that no such trademark like yours exist

Pricing Plans

Federal & State Lookup

$ 149
+ USPTO filing fee
  • Trademark Search:
    The federal trademark search reveals any comparable names, logos, or phrases that are registered or pending registration with the USPTO.
  • State Search:
    The state search is identical for all fifty states.
  • Detailed Online Report:
    Identifies any matches with all the information you need to plan your next move.

Common Law + State Scans

$ 299
+ USPTO filing fee
  • web-includes the information from the Federal and State Search, and also web-includes:
  • Company name search In all fifty states, we do a search for all corporate and other business entity names.
  • Corporate Directories We do a search of corporate directories for individuals who may share your name.
  • Rule of law Private Internet searches uncover instances of your name that may be protected by trademarks under common law.
  • Domain designations We check the most popular top-level domains to see if your name is being used online.

Global Database Search

$ 499
+ USPTO filing fee
  • Global Search:
    We perform a global search for pending and registered trademarks in these multi-national countries.
  • The European district
  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Our Comprehensive Trademark Search Services

Federal & State Search

This service searches our database for logos, names, or phrases that are similar to yours. The search results include not only trademarks but also products that employ trademarks similar to yours. By searching for all 50 states, this search covers the whole United States.

State & Common Law Search

This service contains federal & state search options and more. We search all company and corporate names for corporate name searches. Corporate directory searches find others with your name. Internet searches uncover common law trademark uses of your name. Finally, we search top-level domains for your name.

Global Search

This service contains all registered and pending trademarks across many multi-national jurisdictions. Global search also includes domain names registered in the European Union and those registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

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